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When I planned my journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway two years ago, I discovered that there was very little information about it on the internet. The few available sites were either selling their own extremely expensive travel packages or were hopelessly out of date. I therefore decided to share my experiences with other travellers on my own website after my tour. To start with: Even though quite a few things have to be organised and planned beforehand, the trip with the Trans-Siberian Railway is an amazingly exciting and intense experience. Even today I can’t go past a map of the world without gazing at that extraordinary stretch of railway line halfway round the world and remembering the numerous experiences I had. I hope my site helps you to enjoy a similar experience. I am always happy to receive your feedback, travelogues or answer your questions via my contact form.

Prices and Tickets

What travel expenses can I expect for a journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway? Where can I buy the tickets?
All you need to know about prices and tickets

The Train Journey

Does the Trans-Siberian Railway have different travel classes? Is there a dining car?
All you need to know about the Train Journey

Route and Timetable

Along which exact route does the Trans-Siberian Railway run? Which cities are worthwhile visiting? At what times do the trains run?
All you need to know about the Route and Timetable